The Natural Database
3D animated short film


3D animation
Art direction
Motion graphics

To make a short film that encourages people and communities to think and act for the long term.


Explore bioluminescent algae, a coral reef and a glacier — all showcasing the design principles of life stored in the earth’s natural database.
     Over millions of years, life has crafted perfect designs and processes. Inspired by the idea of biomimicry, The Natural Database investigates what we can learn from the deep patterns in nature, that have evolved over and over again to create smarter, better systems and functions. What could nature’s design principles teach us about life in the Anthropocene and the new systems created by humans, in order to think longer-term? The film is speculating on how the database would talk and function in our digital world, and how it could operate as a tool to help humans create better designs and infrastructures aligned with nature. 


Sound by Gabriel Annouka
Primavera Typeface by Viktor Nilsson & Estudio Hummus
Research together with Fiona Ortega, Iker Luengo & Pau Geis